Allison is a Compassionate Certified Dog Trainer in the Litchfield area.

My goal is to create the best bond between you and your dog. I help create harmony when you want to have a calm and polite dog that goes with the flow.

About Allison

A compassionate certified dog trainer in the Litchfield CT area. I offer empathetic canine education to achieve the goal of having a well-mannered dog in an environment that is realistically and compassionately achievable for the dog and family. I do this by utilizing high quality, reward based positive reinforcement training with compassionate canine care. I believe in recreating the best connection that you initially created when you met your dog at the time you brought them home that includes heart to heart connection.

What I Offer

Puppy Training

Start your puppy off right with friendly, supportive in home dog training in the Litchfield CT area and beyond.

Anxious Dog Training

Whether it’s separation anxiety, fearful of people on walks or in the house or even other dogs, coming up with a personalized dog training plan for both of you to address these sensitive issues to build confidence.

Animal Reiki

Sometimes dogs need help in leveling out their energy and becoming calmer. Whether they are a puppy who is higher energy or dog that is fearful or anxious, Reiki, helps to work with their energy.

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