An Example of How my Dogs brought me Healing

Personal Story about Vulnerability, Joy, Gratitude, Love, Perseverance and Rising Above

Me, Jackson and Deven

Here’s what happened. Friday morning I was going about doing my morning routine like I normally do. I decided to turn on my Pandora as I hadn’t listened in a while and what’s a Friday without a little dancing :).

The first couple of songs were great, upbeat and dance worthy. The next 2 were slower, romantic songs. They were happy ones, not sad. However, by the end I had sat down and reflecting on my personal life and where I would like to be and well there was a tear.

The Signs, My guides, My Dogs Healing Energy and “Aha” Moment

Now, here is where the story gets gets emotional. I had tried to change the song to something more upbeat. I mean it’s Friday and I wanted to keep it positive. Well, that wasn’t plan for me.

The next song that played was called “Lost Boy” by Ruth B. This had me balling by the end of the song and reflecting on everything in my life. The challenges and insecurities of being a business owner, is my faith in myself strong enough to succeed? My personal life, etc.

Unanswered Prayers

As all these thoughts and feelings came pouring through my head, the next song that came on was “Unanswered Prayers” by Garth Brooks. A very fitting song for that exact moment. At the very beginning of this song, as I am feeling what I am feeling and crying those tears all at once. My dogs coming running in, chasing each other, playing and jumping on each other and being the spastic dogs that they can be. This immediately had me laughing / crying and being so incredibly grateful for these dogs that are in my life. This entire situation was an example of my dogs healing energy. Also grateful for my grandmother, an animal lover who has recently passed, who I knew had woken them from their slumber in the sun, 2 rooms away to act like this and come in and cheer me up. She had always supported me, my dreams and goals. So I knew this was her.

Meanwhile, through all of this laughter / crying, being grateful, saying thank you and “Unanswered Prayers” playing. A new song comes on, “Good ‘Ole Days” by Macklemore / Kesha. This song is symbolic of many things in my life up to this point. My past and present business, personal, spiritual and emotional growth. All successes. It reminded me of what I am able to achieve. While I have this “aha” moment, my dogs continue to play around me, lick what tears are remaining and cheer me up. I also continue to laugh and cry as I watch them.

Shake it Off

The song has ended, and “Shake it Off” by T. Swift has come on. I am laughing at the irony of the past 15 minutes. My dogs are laying by my side and my tears gone. And I say to my angels, guides, the universe and my grandmother up above, “Thank you” and I get it.

Amid all of this crying, playing, dogs licking my face and me having my “Aha” moment, I had been sitting on the floor, literally at my lowest point. Lifted up – one of the songs that came up later was “Rise Up”, yes it was, the symbolism of this whole morning was incredible. I was lifted up by my dogs, their love, music and gratitude for all that is in my life NOW.

This is a much longer and more personal post than I have ever done. However I felt it was important (and some friends felt that way too). The key points I hope that you take away from this or whatever you need to take away may be different.

  • The love and healing energy of animals is beautiful and constantly surrounding us. We just have to be open to it and see it. Just like I was able to see my dogs healing energy at a time I needed it.
  • When you think that you are alone, you really are not.
  • Signs are all around you for what you can achieve and what you ALREADY have in your life.

With Love,

Allison and the Dogs (Jackson, Mojo and Deven)