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Crate Training – Why it’s important.

Crate Training and Why it’s Important. ​Crate training is a popular topic when I meet with clients when they have had a dog for a couple of months. Many dog owners will feel that it is a punishment for their dog. I actually will admit, 20 years ago I would have thought the same thing then I did some research and realized crates were the opposite and good for both the pet parent and your dog.

Why do Crate Training? It’s a terrific training and management tool.

  • House-training
  • Brief alone-time, your dog’s safe place, settling, and any form of travel.
  • The crate helps your dogs in many ways—and saves your carpets. Also if you want to train them to go to their crate while you are eating so they don’t bother you at busy times especially underfoot.

How do to it? Getting a dog used to a crate involves treats, praise, toys, kong toys and you can feed them in their crate to so they associate their crate with all positive good things. Doing it in short intervals is key.

Don’t do. Don’t use the crate as punishment. So if you yell at your dog then put your dog in the crate, your dog will associate the crate bad things and will start to not want to go in the crate. Then all your work will be undone.

If you have any questions, feel free to schedule a discovery call or email me for more information.

– Allison



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