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dog training mistakes, me training my dogs, real life dog training

How to Live in Harmony with Pet Owners

How to Live in Harmony with Pet Owners: Tips for Addressing Behavior Issues and Creating a Welcoming Home Environment

dog training mistakes, me training my dogs, real life dog training

How can you coexist with people who have pets in your home?
Do you happen to live with someone who owns cats or dogs even though you don’t like animals? Love can make us do things we wouldn’t normally do, including accepting pets into our homes. However, it can be frustrating when these pets exhibit bad behavior towards people. How can you coexist with these animals or even live in harmony with pet owners in your home? And how can you ask their owners to address these behavior issues so you can live more comfortably? So many difficult questions. Sometimes a dog trainer is like a therapist and I am here to help.

Overcoming Miscommunication to Foster Harmony

Someone had brought this up from a post I did recently about furniture and pets which then reminded me of when I moved back from Charleston with my 2 dogs and stayed with my parents briefly. I had only had Mojo for a couple of months and she was just getting acclimated to me and Jackson and now we had just moved from our home in SC to CT in addition to behavior issues she already had. It was a big adjustment for her. My father wasn’t ready for her or aware that she was coming as there was a communication breakdown. There had been an issue with one of the dogs and the tensions had been high and my father got into a fight about it. After a break, we sat down and discussed that there had been a communication breakdown and the actions that would be needed as a family to help prevent any dog altercations. After this plan, we were able to have a more peaceful coexistence between everyone. Which worked since it was a temporary living arrangement.

Tips for Addressing Behaviors Issues and Creating a Home Environment in Harmony

So why discuss this very personal story of miscommunication? Well, many times when you bring new dogs / new family into the mix of already settled dogs just like if you were rescuing dogs. It’s good to have a plan of action. Understanding the dog’s personality, any behavior issues, and possible issues that may arise is important. Tensions can rise quickly and altercations can get out of control before you know it and even end up with injuries.
Besides the interactions of the animals, it’s also important to understand what the rules will be. If one dog already has to follow rules and the others don’t, that can be confusing. So it should be consistent across the board. For example, Mojo is a food guarder so we had to have the rule to avoid any food fights that there would be no popcorn at night or throwing treats for dogs to catch. This is what led to the first fight. We also had to have a rule that the dogs would be fed in separate areas and I came up with a food routine that all of the dogs loved. This also worked for any training and treats. How will the dogs greet people at the door in the new home? Will they be trained to sit and stay? It’s important to keep in mind that certain behaviors that were okay in the old home may not be acceptable in the new one. Additionally, if you are moving to a new home, the dogs’ behaviors may worsen due to the stress of the move.

Understanding boundaries, rules and personalities is key to living in harmony. If you need help in learning how to set the boundaries that work best for your home feel free to contact me today.





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