allison's animal academy


Allison speaks dog, and provided such great guidance and advice, By the time our training sessions were finished, we felt confident that we could build on what we all learned.
Dog Training Client
I can succeed at training the pups. Allison is there to help me if I cannot master something. I will have pups who are good “citizens” and able to interact safely with other dogs and people.
Dog Training Client
This training was specific to my needs as an owner and Simba’s needs and abilities. The program was custom made rather than standard. Allison is patient and considerate and works with you and your dog as individuals. I would highly recommend her.
Dog Training Client
Allison's enthusiasm and the written feedback and review after each training session stood out compared to other training. Allison knows dogs and they listen to her.
Sharon Coll
Dog Training Client
I highly recommend Allison's services. She was so outstanding in a phone call that I plan to hire her for home sessions with my new pups. The routine she gave me is inaluable.
Dog Mom