allison's animal academy


Jane Richardson
August 16, 2023

Allison is a great trainer. Her doggie homeschool was a great option for my very active German Shepherd. She was very helpful (and patient) with me and my dog loved her. I just wish I found her earlier! I would definitely recommend her!

Jim Blackketter
May 19, 2023

With Allison's help we were able to resolve our dog's barking problem. She is competent, caring, and generous with her time. JB

Rose Shea
November 7, 2022

Allison was an amazing dog trainer! She was professional and always came at the scheduled time. She taught me so much and my pup absolutely loved her! I would definitely recommend her!

Marlene Warren
March 26, 2022

Allison is a fabulous trainer, and it is obvious she speaks dog. She is patient and kind, but firm when needed and we are completely satisfied with the results. Zoe is so much more polite, and we know much better how to keep her out of the "red" zone. If you need help training your dog, we recommend Allison!

Jericho De Guzman
February 26, 2022
Prati Kaufman
February 17, 2022

Allison really can speak to the dogs. She is compassionate and patient while training and clearly knows how to get dogs to follow to commands. She has made it easy for us to travel with our dogs.

Elisabeth Spinnato
November 18, 2021

Working with Allison has been a delight! We started working with her as new residents of Litchfield county after adopting our second puppy, a rescue from a relatively unknown background. She has been incredible with both our pups - from basic skills, to more complex behavioral issues, we’ve seen a vast improvement in only a short time. She is warm, reliable, respectful, effective and the puppies love seeing her! Can’t recommend her enough!

Robin Snodgrass
November 19, 2020

Allison is an awesome dog trainer she took the sometimes chaotic moments with our puppy and turn them into pleasurable moments and now our puppy is a well-trained dog. Beyond Allison‘s Amazing training skill set she is loving and kind towards our dog.Allison is professional and trustworthy. .