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Understanding Pet Energy

animal reiki with lucy

As a dog trainer, animal reiki practioner AND as someone who works with animals it is important for me to understanding pet energy and how to help your pets and you. It’s actually one of the first things you learn as a dog trainer. I have been fortunate as a person to have life experience with understanding how my energy affects the pets energy. Understanding pet energy has given me the ability to help families in the most positive and effective way I can.

Dog Energy. As most of us know we are energy. Walking in to a home with calm, compassionate energy is how I start off any meeting with someone’s dog. Understanding your dogs physical energy (high or low), mental energy (low stimulation or to much stimulation), behavioral energy (barking, jumping), spiritual energy (depressed, anxious). All of these are tied together. One may not be as extreme as the other but just like humans, they do affect each other. So your dog may not be as balanced as you may think. Especially with COVID and quarantine for the past 6 months.

Emotional Support Dogs? How many pictures have you seen of people saying their dogs are their emotional support dogs? So if their dogs are supporting their humans during their depression and anxiety during the past 6 months. Who is helping the dogs? The dogs are absorbing all of this negative energy like a sponge and have no outlet.

No Routine leads to bad behaviors. Some dogs are getting too much exercise because everyone is homeand not enough rest because they aren’t getting what they need with no sleep routine. Did you know that an adult dog needs 14 hours of sleep and 30% rest a day? A puppy needs 18 hours of sleep. All of these dogs and puppies that were adopted which is great, but how many have gotten that sleep and rest if everyone was home. More than likely they were over stimulated and started bad behaviors.

Separation Anxiety. So these dogs have behaviors like jumping, barking, biting, etc because of over stimulation and no sleep routine that they needed. Now separation anxiety is setting in because the people they were with for 3 -4  months are leaving them and they don’t know how to handle it and they have absorbed all of this stress from their humans from when they were stressed because they were emotional support animals for humans.

Our Energy. The bottom line is we often forget our energy as humans directly affects our pets as they become the nucleus of our family. Think about the pet in your family, they become the center of attention that all of you can relate to in the most positive way. How is your energy affecting them now? Is it calm? Is it chaotic? Do they have a routine? Are you anxious? We are all in a turbulent time and our pets bring us joy. However, to make sure that they can continue staying in that balanced state to help us, keeping their energy balanced is important. That means training, brain stimulation, physical exercise, routine and sleep, all in a balance manner. Find out how I can help your dog with their energy and in turn yours.


– Allison
​Pet Energy Specialist



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