Why a Pet Routine is Important.

As a pet sitter, dog walker and dog trainer, when I meet with new clients one of the questions I ask them is the pet routine. What do I mean by pet routine? Well what time are they eating, when are they going potty, etc. Why is a routine important for any animal? This actually includes dogs and cats, well its beneficial to both them and us. Just like most humans have their breakfast regime and exercise regime, it goes the same for animals.

When animals have a routine of when they are going to eat and go potty and train etc. It keeps them on schedule that is both good for the health physically, emotionally and mentally. It also improves the bond between human and fur family.

I will give you an example of my fur family. I have 3 dogs to keep trained and out of trouble, which is not an easy task. We have a time that we go for our walks, a route we walk (which some of the dogs even spots where they go). The other day, I went a different direction and my dog Jackson was all out of sorts on where to go potty. However, he did have some new smells so it worked out.

We also have a scheduled time for eating. For the eating they have separate spots and line up at their bowls and wait their turn for eating. This took some training but with 3 dogs had to be done. This is our routine every day. Not including the crates when everyone leaves that they all run into.

All of these things are important because they are happy and I am happy. If we didn’t have these systems in place, there would be chaos. Chaos for dogs doesn’t help their mental stimulation and well would it help you?

If you have any questions on setting up a healthy routine for you and your pet(s), please feel free to reach out to me.

  • Allison