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Professional Dog Trainer

I offer empathetic canine education to achieve the goal of having a well mannered dog in an environment that is realistically and compassionately achievable for the dog and family. This achieved by utilizing high quality, reward based positive reinforcement training with compassionate canine care. I believe in recreating the connection that you initially created when you met your dog at the time you brought them home that includes heart to heart connection. Creating a harmonious relationship by giving you support so that you may achieve your goals, be training capable, confident and successful. 

I am CPDT-KA certified through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers, have been working with animals for 10 years and am a member of the APDT. I am a graduate of CATCH Canine Academy for Dog Trainers and Animal Reiki II Certified. In addition to working with my own dog training clients one on one privately, I also teach group dog training classes at the Exceptional Pet in Newtown, CT once a week. My goal is to nurture the bond between humans and animals so that they may improve their quality of life together.

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About Jackson


Jackson, my 10 year old boston terrier, is the resident Casanova. He loves to snuggle, helps woo all the ladies and my pretty chill boy. He sometimes helps with introducing dogs who need to meet another dog.


Mojo, my 10 year old Bugg (boston / pug mix), is pretty much the opposite of of Jackson in almost every way. She gets anxious around lots of things outside which is something we work on. Training is about small successes like not barking at a skateboard or bicycle going by anymore that lead to big successes like walking past a dog being outside and not lunging. Yes that happened too!

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