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We are all unique, Including our dogs​

Do you feel that everything that you say during training isn't getting through and you need some kind of dog translator to communicate with your new 4 legged family member?

Do you want a well behaved dog that will go with the flow?

Do you want a dog that is calm at home, greets people politely and easy to take places?

Do you want to train your dog to stop jumping on everything?

Is your dog overstimulated? Being destructive? Chewing everything you own? Barking non stop?

"Get the best connection with your dog using compassionate, positive reinforcement dog training techniques to help you achieve your goals with confidence".

Know About, Puppy Training

When you get a puppy, you are getting a new family member. To many families, puppies are their four legged child. With that being said puppies are also like kids in many respects when it comes to training them. They go through all of the cycles from baby/newborn, toddler, adolescent and adult. There are a couple of key differences when it comes to training your puppy.

They can’t tell you how they are feeling or what they need so knowing the psychology and behaviors of dogs why they are doing the actions in the various cycles.

Dogs don’t do things to make you mad. There are actually reasons understanding can make this so much easier when you are going through the process.

Understanding your dog’s personality and working at “their” level, not yours will make training go so much smoother for both of you. While we are living in a “microwave” society, dogs don’t. They go at their own pace. If you push them too hard they will get frustrated and regress. You will probably think they are being stubborn (which they’re not) and then give up on them. It happens all the time. Be patient. The pyramids weren’t built in a day.

When you work with me, you will get patience, support and a trainer who sees the small victories that add up. Setting realistic expectations for both of you is my goal as I want to see BOTH of you succeed.

That’s where my experience as a certified professional dog trainer will guide you through the puppy training process in private one on one sessions.  You will create a lifetime bond with your dog during training and enjoy a family dog that brings all of you together in a calm and balanced way.

Training your beloved puppy, can be achieved in one of 2 ways

Coaching you to train your precious pet- I coach you through the process by working with you and fluffy a couple of times a week over a certain number of weeks (you can see my coaching plans here)

I train your dog - I do the training for you otherwise known as Doggie Home School. This is available for certain reactivity behaviors such as leash reactivity.

Both types of dog training are personalized, private, one on one and done in the comfort of your home. The breakdown of pros are below.

To understand the most compassionate and effective package that is best suited for you and your fur baby on their journey we would start with the 1 hour and 15 minute Initial consultation and assessment that is mandatory. This can be done virtually or in person.