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Compassionate Canine Care

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🐾 3-C System: Compassionate Canine Care

Empathetic canine training with a supportive dog trainer

What is The 🐾3-C System: Compassionate Canine Care and How do I do it?

The 3-C System: Compassionate Canine Training is the approach I use with my clients for dog training.

Translation? It is the combination of my education and training of LIMA (Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive) Dog Training. LIMA is using positive reinforcement, humane and effective tactics in dog training and the heart to heart connection with your dog. Thus creating an Empathetic Canine Education for you and your dog.

This combination of scientific and emotional has created a compassionate pet care approach to dog training. This training approach is integrating my intuitive, emotional heart to heart connection to animals achieved through reiki and maintaining a calming energy around animals.

My mission is to help and support you achieve your training goals with your dog so that you feel capable, confident and comfortable by the end of our training sessions.

About Allison Raymunt with boston terrier and bugg

How do I do it?

Whether it’s an Initial Consultation or an email.  I believe in transparency and will always be upfront in whether you need a full training session / training package or if it can be a simple fix. I will ask questions, answer questions and have a conversation on what your training needs and goals are.  This is my empathetic canine education approach using compassion and science. Also my way of supporting you on this dog training journey.

Why do I do it?

Because I love dogs, animals and feel a special connection with them.

I have always found that I bring in a calming energy with animals. Especially with dogs. This is why I started to focus on dog training. Utilizing my calming and soothing energy with dogs that needed help focusing with their pet parents showed me how I can help them to create a more balanced and harmonic relationship. Supporting both the pet parents and the dogs to become more confident, comfortable and successful in their training journey.