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We are all unique, Including our dogs​

Does you dog pull on the leash whenever you are on walks? Do they bark as soon as they see people and / or dogs?

Do you feel like your dog is barking if not at everything then at anything?

Are they anxious while you are gone for a couple of hours?

Just like people, dogs have anxiety too. However, they can be helped using compassionate, positive reinforcement dog training techniques. In addition to this, I include Animal Reiki. Animal Reiki has been proven to help dogs with emotional, physical and mental issues. Combining these Animal Reiki with Positive Reinforcement training techniques is powerful. As a result, this can help you achieve your goals and give both you and your dog confidence.

About Mojo the bugg

About Anxious Dog Training

I know all too well about reactive dogs / dogs with anxiety.

Meet Mojo, an 11 year old Boston Terrier / Pug mix. I rescued her when she was 7. Here is a brief synopsis of our training history so far. She was very insecure when I brought her home. Barking, Resource Guarding, Pulling on the leash, Kid Issues. They told me that she likes the car, however the panting was anxiety.

Despite all of these issues, we have been working on one confidence issue at a time. Starting with food guarding following up with barking.  She would bark anytime a sound came by my apartment, now it’s only if strangers walk by. Her anxiety on walks is a complete 180. At first, she barked at bicycles, runners, skateboards and dogs all the time on walks. At this point she can see skateboards, bikes and runners most times (we are 80% there) and not react. Presently she can also see some dogs and not react. There are other dogs she still has an issue with. However, I recognize this is a journey and we are on it. The car issue on the other hand is a slow process and hopefully in time she will feel comfortable.

So I can empathize with having a reactive / anxious dog and not only the stress but also the patience that it takes. Also, as someone who is working with a 10 year old dog, don’t let age be what prevents you from helping you and your dog. I can tell you first hand, so many successes can be achieved. 

Together with patience and positive reinforcement we can work together so that your dog feels more comfortable, confident and at ease in your home.

That’s where my experience as a certified professional dog trainer who has worked with many types of dogs and their humans confidently in the Litchfield area. Depending on where your dog is on their journey, we will set realistic goals for both you and your dog to achieve so that you both feel comfortable, confident and successful around other dogs and people. You and your family will build trust and a lifetime bond with your dog during training.

Training your beloved dog can be achieved in one of 2 ways

Coaching you to train your precious baby.
I coach you through the process by working with you and fido in the comfort of your own home. Depending on the personalized packaged, our private training sessions will be scheduled over a certain number of weeks. Usually booked on the same day and at the same time so that you and your dog have a set routine and consistent training time with me.
I train your dog for you.
I do the training for you otherwise known as Doggie Home School. This is available for certain reactivity behaviors such as leash reactivity.

Since both types of dog training are personalized, private, one on one and done in the comfort of your home. In order to understand the most compassionate and effective package that is best suited for you and your fur baby on their journey we would start with the 1 hour and 15 minute Initial consultation and assessment that is mandatory. This can be done online or in person.