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Are you ready to Learn to Speak Dog?

Ah, the first steps on the path to doggie enlightenment! 🐾 When you dive paw-first into one of Allison's dog training programs, you're not only opening doors to a world of tail wags and puppy brilliance, but you also unlock the incredible opportunity of a free initial consultation and assessment. Yes, my friend, you read that right. Free! Think of it as a friendly sniff-n-greet session, where we delve deep into understanding your furry companion. Allison will get to know your dog's unique personality, behavior, and goals. She will craft a program tailor-made to suit your pup's needs, bringing out their inner genius and helping them become the best version of themselves. The consultation is complimentary when a dog training program is purchased and helps to lay the groundwork for an incredible training journey together. It's Allison's way of saying, "We're in this together, and I can't wait to see your doggo shine!" So grab a cup of tea (or a dog treat), and let's embark on this adventure hand-in-paw. 🐶✨

*The consultation and assessment fee will be credited and complimentary when your customized dog training program is purchased after our meeting.