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Dog Training

Initial Consultation and Assessment:

To understand the most effective and compassionate way to help your pup and you

1.15 hours of online meeting via zoom. Find out in FAQ why this is done via Zoom.

Assess where your dog is on their training and behavior journey

Identify the next steps

*** This meeting is mandatory before buying or creating any packages for you. ***

compassionate canine care

Choose the right package for your needs

Training your beloved puppy can be achieved in one of 2 ways:

Coaching you to train your precious pet- I coach you through the process by working with you and fluffy a couple of times a week over a certain number of weeks (you can see my coaching plans here)

I train your dog- I do the training for you otherwise known as Doggie Home School

Both types of dog training are personalized, private, one on one and done in the comfort of your home. The breakdown of pros are below.

Doggie Home School

This is for you if:

You are short on time and want your precious dog to learn with positive reinforcement and compassion

You want convenience, ease, efficiency and results

Is your dog barking at everything and anything?

I come to you so your dog can be trained in the comfort of your home.

Polite Dog:

*The most sold packages for young dogs*


4 weeks focused on Look, Sit, Down, Stay, Recall and Hand Targeting. 4 weeks is broken down into 12 training sessions, 4 skill transfer sessions and 2 follow up sessions to make sure you and your fur baby are still on the right track.

On The Road:


3 weeks focused on Loose Leash Walking and Heal behaviors to have a dog that walks nicely on the leash. 3 weeks is broken down into 9 training sessions, 3 skill transfer sessions and 1 follow up session.

Impulse Control:


3 weeks focused on Leave It, Drop It, Stay and Look behaviors. 3 weeks is broken down into 9 training sessions, 3 transfer sessions and 1 follow up session.

*** Please note: Initial Consultation and Assessment is mandatory before you can buy the packages. I want to make sure you get what is best for your dog. ***

Coaching You to Train Your Dog

This is for you if as dog parent

You need help with speaking to your dog

You want your dog to understand what you want them to do

Does your dog have leash reactivity and fear of people or dogs while on the leash?

Most dogs don’t know what they are doing wrong unless it is communicated clearly. Canine Coaching is where I will guide you through the process of communicating with your dog in a calm and effective manner so that you can speak dog too!


Diamond Dog

*The most sold packages for anxious dogs*


12 Private one on one sessions that will happen twice a week over 6 weeks. This includes a personalized training plan, email, video and phone support.

Happy Hound:


5 Private one on one sessions that take place once a week over 5 weeks. This includes a personalized training plan and weekly check up phone call

3 Session Package:


3 private one on one sessions used as maintenance for training or to focus on 1 specific behavior.

Personalized packages are available.

Anxiety Dog Training

Depending on your dog's issue and what you may be trying to address, the diamond dog package may be suitable or a more personalized package, this will be discussed in our initial consultation and assessment.

Specific Behavior types of packages that are available:

Stranger Fear Walks.

Stranger Fear Visitors.

Watchdog and Demand Barking (these can be available as Doggie Homeschool or Coaching options).

Handling (As a Doggie Homeschool only option)

Leash Reactivity and On leash Dog fear (Doggie Homeschool only option)