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Chase Behavior Training

 UnChase!® Training

Every dog is on their own journey

Does your dog chase after the cat, cars, runners, bicycles or other motorized vehicles?

Do you live on a farm and your dog is thinks that the chickens are toys that they are meant to chase? Or that the goats have 4 legs so they want to play too?

Would you like to have a dog who reacts calmly to seeing other dogs, people and animals?

Do you want a dog that is calm at home, such as greeting people politely and that is easy to take places?

"With the result that you will build trust, connection and bond with your dog using compassionate, positive reinforcement dog training techniques to help you achieve your goals with confidence".

Discover Private UnChase!® Training

UnChase!® Training Puppy

Unchase Licensed TrainerPuppies are like kids in many respects when it comes to training them. They go through all of the cycles from baby/newborn, toddler, adolescent and adult. They also are very curious and very playful. So chasing is very fun. You can stop the chasing behavior before it becomes a problem. 

Teaching your puppy how to be calm rather than chase in the presence of a trigger while they are a puppy will help them to learn faster and make your life easier for the rest of your beloved dog’s life.

UnChase!® Training Cats

dog, cat, pets-5883275.jpgDoes your dog chase the cat? Do you have multiple cats and as soon as the dog sees one, hackles go up and hissing ensues? Do you just want to have a household where your dog and cats can live in harmony?

Guess what! That is possible.

Dogs love to chase. If a cat runs, then they want to run after it. However, it is possible to train your dog be calm around your cat as well as teach your cat that the dog will not chase them.

UnChase!® Training (Everything Else)

Whether it’s moving objects such as bikes or cars, your farm animals such as goats, chickens, horses, birds, etc or moving people like runners and so much more. The UnChase!® program can help you and your dog.

My experience as a licensed UnChase!® Trainer and a certified professional dog trainer will guide you through helping your dog be calm during what would normally be a chaotic and chasing experience.  With the result, you will have a dog who can be in the presence of what could be described as “triggers” but be completed calm and relax and so can you.

UnChase!® Training your beloved dog can be achieved in one of 2 ways

Coaching you to train your precious pet- I coach you through the process by working with you and fluffy over a certain number of weeks. I will teach you how to "speak dog", show you what to do when things aren't working when you do your "homework" between our training sessions and so much more!

An example of an UnChase!® Coaching program would be 1 session a week over 8 weeks = 8 training session. Total $959.00

I train your dog - I do the training for you otherwise known as Doggie Home School. This is great if you are short on time and need your puppy trained straight from the trainer.

An example of an UnChase!® Doggie Home School program would be 2 sessions a week with your dog and 1 client behavior transfer session a week over 6 weeks  = 18 training sessions. Total $1799.00

Both types of dog training are personalized, private, one on one and done in the comfort of your home. You can explore my services and packages page, however UnChase!® packages are slightly different based on the type of behavior we are addressing. 

To understand the most compassionate and effective program that is best suited for you and your fur baby on their UnChase!® journey we would start with the 1 hour and 15 minute Initial consultation  that is mandatory. This will be done in person so that I can see your dog’s environment.