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What I Do

Do you need help with your dog training journey?

  • Does puppy training have you overwhelmed?
  • Are you frustrated with unwanted behaviors such as barking, jumping and more?
  • Do you need help with your dog who is fearful at home and walks?

Choose The Best Path For Your Dog Training Journey!

Just like their human, every dog is unique and is on their own training journey. Using Compassionate Canine Care, I offer private, one on one training that is customized to you and your dog's training needs and goals.


Animal Reiki

By connecting with animals on a heart to heart level, sharing energy with the animal and allowing them to take what they need to heal. It's not about "forcing" them to take energy that we think they need but what they are ready to take.



Coaching dog training programs are for dog parents that have the time to invest in the training sessions and home work in dog training. This program is where I teach you to train your dog and guide you on your training journey.


Doggie Home School

The Doggie Home School training program is for dog parents that are short on time and would like to have a dog trainer do the training for them. This is is perfect for puppy training, leash pulling, polite dog and more.


Sample Programs

My dog training programs are customized to each dog's training journey. However, I do have some "standard" programs that I build around. Below is an example of my most popular "standard" coaching  and doggie home school programs.

Diamond Dog Coaching Program

This Coaching program is broken down in to 2 training sessions over 6 weeks. A total of 12 training sessions between you, me and your dog in the privacy of your own home.


Polite Dog (Doggie Home School Program)

This Doggie Home School program where I do the training for you. Training is 4 weeks that is broken down into 12 training sessions with me and your dog, 4 skill transfer sessions with you, me and your dog and 2 follow up sessions to make sure you and your fur baby are still on the right track. The total number of training sessions is 18.


Initial Consultation and Assessment

Are you ready to set up a consultation with a "Dog Translator" to begin your dog training journey? 

Compassionate Canine Care

Empathetic canine training with a supportive dog trainer

This combination of scientific and emotional has created a compassionate pet care approach to dog training. This training approach is integrating my intuitive, emotional heart to heart connection to animals achieved through reiki and maintaining a calming energy around animals.


How do I utilize the 3C system?

I believe in transparency and will always be upfront in whether you need a full training session / training package or if it can be a simple fix. I will ask questions, answer questions and have a conversation on what your training needs and goals are.  This is my empathetic canine education approach using compassion and science. Also my way of supporting you on this dog training journey.

Why is Positive Reinforcement training better than Dominance training?

Positive Reinforcement training has become more utilized  due to being more scientifically proven and effective in training than “dominance theory” training. With more research and support, the American Veterinary Society for Animal Behavior performed their own research. In a public statement stating Positive Reinforcement dog training as the more preferred and effective training.