Dog Walk Discounts, Dog Training and More

25% Off Dog Walk, Dog Training Facebook Group and more...

Good Afternoon.

I hope you are doing well. I have a couple of special announcements to help you during this social distancing time.

25% off Dog Walk Visits

As a thank you to those that have been working so hard to keep us safe and healthy, for the month of April and May,I am offering 25% of all dog walking visits and dog walking packages. I hope this will help to put their mind at ease that at least their fur family will be getting some TLC while they are working hard.

Paw Talk - Dog Training Facebook Group

I have created a new facebook group specifically dedicated to dog training. I am excited about this new group to help with dog training questions / discussions, virtual dog training sessions via Zoom and facebook lives. To join the group go to

Free Long Distance Animal Reiki Sessions

During this time, people are feeling stressed which passes down to animals. I am offering free long distance animal reiki sessions for your pets. This will not only help your pets but also help you.