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golden retrievers in a down stay

How Stay for your dog can enhance your daily routine

Reinforcement of Behavior can lead to a Polite Dog in the Long Run.

Learn how Stay for your dog can improve your daily schedule and simplify your life.

golden retrievers in a down stay

Experience the convenience and efficiency of Stay for you and your dog. The Stay behavior is the dog training solution that seamlessly integrates with your daily routine, providing you with a hassle-free way to take care of your furry friend.

Are you looking for a way to make your daily routine hassle-free and enjoyable? Look no further than Stay for your dog! In this blog, you will find over 15 real-life uses for implementing this training behavior daily. Discover how this behavior for your dog can enhance your daily routine and make your life easier. Learn how training your dog to Stay can make your days more fun and stress-free!

Dive in to 15 fantastic ways to enhance your daily routine that will have you feeling refreshed, productive, and happier.

  • Use Stay to keep your dog from jumping into or out of the car before you’re ready for him to. For example: Before opening the door, tell your dog to “Stay” before allowing them to get in or out of the car.
  • Implement Stay to keep your dog from rushing out the front door. Teaching your dog to do this while you open the door and that they can not go out until you release them will start your walks on a calmer note and be safer.
  • Use Stay to keep your dog from counter surfing in your kitchen. By making your dog wait outside of the kitchen you can avoid having to utilize the behavior leave it while you work in the kitchen.
  • Telling your dog to Stay before being released to eat the meal you’ve presented.
  • Stay at the dog park for you to unclip the leash to let the dog run. This will help to prevent any unwanted chaos and impolite behaviors.
  • Stay at doorways when needed (e.g., to the backyard). Sometimes you don’t want your dog following you into every room or every area. Teaching your dog to wait at doorways will get them used to having to do this when asked.
  • Stay at the top/bottom of the stairs to prevent your dog from tripping you. Staying at the stairs is safe for both of you. Dogs love to get under feet because they love us so much.
  • Stay prevents your dog from jumping up on guests. Teaching your dog to greet people politely when they visit will make everything smoother. Part of that process is teaching your dog to stay while guests enter the house.
  • Stay prevents your dog from “taking candy from the baby”. If you have kids, they can be tempting. While the kids are getting their treats, the dog can remain in their area while the kids are in their area. Another behavior that you can teach your dog is “Go To Mat”.
  • Stay puts your dog in a relaxed “down” during your dinner. “Go To Mat” is another behavior to teach for long durations. Using this behavior helps to teach your dog how to calm themselves. 
  • Stay while you put on your dog’s leash and collar before a walk. Teaching your dog to do this will put them in a calmer state and start your walks in a harmonious state for both of you.
  • Stay prevents your dog from getting to something you drop, such as a chicken bone. Sometimes you can get to something before your dog. When this happens, you won’t have to implement Leave it or Drop it. In those instances, it will help immensely with their Impulse Control.
  • Stay to help teach your dog self-control. Self-control is one of the hardest things dogs will work on during training because they are so curious. To help with their impulse control, staying is your first course of action before leave it and drop it.
  • Stay to keep your dog from rushing other people or dogs. Nobody likes to have a dog run towards them, especially dogs that may scared of other dogs or dog-reactive. Teaching your dog how to be calm when they see people or dogs pass can prevent potential dog fights and future issues.
  • Stay on a walk when you stop to pick up after your dog. Since we only have two hands and the times when only one person is walking the dog, teaching your dog to stay while you may have to do other things on your walk.
  • Stay while the pet parent pays for items at the pet supply store. Going to pet stores for dogs is great they often get lots of treats. However, the times we have to pay for those treats, having a polite dog while we go through the process can avoid unnecessary chaos.
  • Stay to keep your dog from getting over-stimulated by any exciting situation. I always say if chaos can be avoided, why not? Teaching your dog to be polite and calm is worth it.
  • Stay to keep your dog from rushing into the house before you can clean his paws from a muddy or wet backyard, or after he’s jumped in the pool! If you enjoy a clean house, teaching your dog to wait so you can clean off the dirt will be beneficial to you and your household.
  • The Stay allows you to enter through a doorway first. This is useful if you are carrying large items or bags of groceries. Using stay can help to avoid any dogs underfoot in the door entryway. 

The Every Day Journey.

These are just some of the real-life uses for the Stay behavior. Everyone has different lifestyles and may find different uses for using it. Whether you do tricks with your dog or you live in the country or the city. Everyone may have different criteria for how they want to utilize it. What’s important is that it can be helpful to your entire family for the lifetime of your dog. If you need guidance on your dog training journey on how to teach your dog Stay or maybe you even need help to refine it. Please feel free to contact me, at or on my contact page.



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