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Human energy and animals

When working with animals, the energy that is brought into the situation is one of the most important tools any person can understand and utilize. In my career in working with animals, from dog walking to dog training, even fostering and owning my dogs. Paying attention to your energy is valuable and essential. Animals are extremely intuitive about energy and human movements.

They watch everything. How you act or react will determine how the situation goes. I have realized that working with animals is my soul’s purpose or my gift as a healer of animals. Everyone calls it something different. Using my hands and energy as a healer is my gift. Does this mean when I walk into a home the dog or cat is done with their issue? ABSOLUTELY NOT. This means that I have learned how to walk into a home, and an animal has a positive reaction most of the time. Sometimes it takes more depending on their issue and with patience, love, compassion, calm energy and things can be accomplished together.

When I go into a home or even a visit with an animal, my energy is calm. Not intentionally, it just is. I think we get so caught up in the hustle and bustle and in such a rush that we are going full speed ahead that our energy with our animals is in a different place. We don’t do it intentionally, I have been guilty of this we all are but it is how you carry this energy. If you are walking your dog and see another dog, you unconsciously put tension on that leash. Your dog will pick up on that. Or if you getting ready for people to come over and you know your dog is a jumper or barker and you are calm but in waiting for your guests your energy changes to uptight and stressed out just waiting for that shoe to drop.
Sometimes all it takes is slowing down, and being more conscious of our energy when we are training to make sure everything goes smoother.




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