Dog Won’t Come When Called? Try This Easy Recall Training Method

Is your dog "ignoring" you when you call them? Do you call them and they continue running in the other direction? Try these recall training method.

Your dog’s Come or Recall training is pretty important. Whether it is an emergency situation, they are chasing something or you are calling them from one room to the other. You want your dog to come to you when you call them. Here are some tips to a successful recall from your dog and how to accomplish that.

Here are the 5 rules of recall training.

  1.   Never call your dog for anything unpleasant. Such as nail clipping, bathing, or having his leash clipped on to go home from the park. In short, anything that might give him pause the next time you call him.
  2.   Never call your dog if you are not sure he will come. All recalls should be successful recalls. Work at your dog’s level: If he has a kindergarten-level recall, don’t give him a graduate assignment like being called away from a cat in a tree. The cat is already more interesting than you. If you are concerned about your dog chasing cats. We can talk about this as well.
  3.   If you call your dog and he doesn’t come, you must make it happen. Remember you need to be more interesting than what he is paying attention to. Start at short distances with high value rewards.  
  4.   Never repeat the cue. Resist the urge to call over and over and over. It only teaches your dog to tune out the cue. Call once and, if necessary, use rule 3. Make the recall happen.
  5.  Fabulous rewards get fabulous recalls. If you want your dog to stop whatever interesting doggie thing he is doing and come running to you, make it worth his while. Use extra yummy treats—no dry biscuits here!—or a special toy if that is your dog’s fancy.

Training your Recall

Step 1: From short distance about 6 to 8 feet, call your dog. So make sure they know their name 100% of the time. If not then you would want to practice what trainers call the “Name Game”.  Using a cheerful voice saying your dog’s name, when she starts to move toward you add the word “Come”. Praise her and give her the most delicious and yummy treats she hasn’t had before. Be generous on the rewards since this is a big deal for them to come to you. Do this 3 to 4 times  Remember your dog’s name by itself is not a recall.

If your dog doesn’t come when you say their name, make some novel noises – kissy or whistle or funny noises for them to start coming. Then add come when they start moving toward you. 

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