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dogs on furniture, dogs on couch, boston terriers on couch

Should I allow my dogs on the furniture

As pet owners, we all have an opinion when it comes to letting our dogs on the furniture. Some of us don't mind our dogs snuggling up next to us on the couch, while others prefer to keep their furniture pet-free.

dogs on furniture, dogs on couch, boston terriers on couch

Owning a dog or a cat is like having an additional family member. The question of whether to allow dogs on the furniture is a personal choice. There are some pros and cons to letting your dog on the furniture. If you’re considering whether or not to allow your pets on furniture, it’s important to make a decision and stick to it. On one hand, allowing them on furniture can be a great way to bond with your furry friend and provide them with a cozy place to rest. However, inconsistency with your rules can lead to behavioral problems, as it may confuse your pets. Therefore, I advise clients to make a decision and be consistent with their rules to avoid any unwanted behavioral issues. Ultimately, the decision to allow pets on furniture is a matter of personal preference and should be made with consideration for the pet’s comfort and safety.

Furniture Dominance Myth

As a dog mom who allows my dogs on the furniture and in the bed with me, that is my choice and I own it. My sister does not allow dogs on furniture so when visiting with my dogs I respect and follow those rules. Those rules do get confusing for them because they are normally allowed on the furniture and then all of a sudden they aren’t. So my conversation with clients would be whether you allow your dog on the furniture or not is up to you but you must be consistent in the rules that they are going to be followed.

I understand that some people may have concerns about allowing their furry friends to sit on furniture. There is a common belief that doing so promotes alpha behavior, but I want to reassure you that this is not true. You see, dogs don’t perceive themselves as alpha because they are allowed on furniture. Their brains work differently than ours, and they don’t interpret being on an object as a sign of dominance. It’s perfectly natural to have these concerns, but it’s important to remember that this idea is a human projection onto dogs.

If you’re not comfortable with your dog being on furniture, that’s okay too! You could create a designated pet area in your home, like a comfy dog bed or crate. I have both! The most important thing is to consider your pet’s comfort and safety. Also what is going to work for your home life. If your furry friend has any mobility issues or is prone to accidents, it might not be the best idea to let them on furniture. Whether you decide to let your dog on the furniture or not is your choice, enjoy your cuddles and forget about the myth’s of dominance.





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