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Tips for calming your pets: calming an angry cat

For the next couple of weeks I am going to be writing a series on tips for calming your pets. Today will be calming down an angry cat. I am excited to share these tidbits of information from my years of experience as a dog walker, pet sitter, dog trainer and now utilizing animal reiki. I hope that you will find this information helpful in improving the quality of life for BOTH you and your pets.
Is the Cat Angry?
Let’s start with finding out if your cat is angry. There are the obvious signs if the cat is in attack mode, hissing, growling or even swiping at you. However, let’s say it’s not so obvious. Some signs to look for are dilated pupils, they make themselves appear larger by puffing the fur out and placing their ears back. When you realize your cat is angry, the best option is to avoid eye contact, stop touching them in case they try to bite you or scratch you and slowly back away before continuing the process to calm them down.
Sometimes we all need space
Just like when we get angry and we need a moment alone. Cats (and dogs) need some space to calm down. Your next best option is to ignore the cat’s aggressive behavior and close the door to the room that they are in (if this is possible) and let them calm down alone. Alone time is best before approaching again. If you need to approach them again, long sleeved shirt and gloves are best in case they are still a little moody. You can use a wand and a feather to play with the cat to gain control of the situation. Also use this to have them chase it to let out their frustration and aggression. Just like dogs, cats like rewards. So rewarding the cat for calming down also positively reinforces this behavior.
Animal Reiki
You can also contact me for some Animal Reiki to help release of anger and frustration. I have helped with many of my clients, farm animals and my own dogs to release their energy. We share a positive heart to heart exchange of energy. This has been proven to work at rescues and shelters to work with stressed animals waiting to be rescued as well.
Calming Remedies
There are calming sprays out there that you can spray on their beds and pillows where they sleep if the anger is a common occurrence.
Check Up
Sometimes your cat is telling you they are in pain and need other help. A vet check up never hurts to make sure everything is in good working order.

I hope you have found some of these tips helpful. Stay tuned for my tips on calming your pets and reading communication signs from your dogs. – Allison



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