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Did you adopt a new dog during quarantine?

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The past couple of months have been hard for humans. Being quarantined and limited to social interaction is not easy for us. For those of us who have pets, they have probably loved it and if you haven’t read or seen some of my other blog posts or even video lives. You should check them out for preparation on when you go back to your normal routine of work. There will be an adjustment for your animals.
While it has been hard for humans, there have been some positive outcomes during quarantine.

There has been an increase in adoption of animals from many shelters and rescues. This is great! In fact some rescues and shelters have had all of their dogs adopted for the first time ever. This warms my heart and brings a tear to my eye just typing this, to know so many animals are finding homes during this challenging time and that humans are finding their 4 legged family member. As someone who has 2 rescues, this brings a smile to my face.
So now it’s great, all of these dogs are being adopted at home with you. However, have you planned for the training? Did you know that trainers are also adapting to the times and offering virtual dog training, which can be more beneficial to some dogs depending on their issues. Some people may think that since everyone is quarantined, dog training at home is no longer an option. I can tell you, it is still in option and should definitely be researched. My goal has always been to provide education for the best quality of life for you and your pet. While I am offering virtual and private one on one dog training sessions in person that are outside. I can also help you if you would like more information about other services that maybe I am unable to help you with. It’s important to address any simple issues early before they can become harder to address later.  Please feel free to check out my dog training programs as well. You can also email at You can also follow me on facebook for my lives and tips for your pets.



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