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People have often asked me how I implement Animal Reiki into my dog training visits or even with my own dogs. For me, when I share reiki, it is a stillness and quiet that happens when the animal needs the other party to be calm.

Well, I connect with them on a heart to heart level and invite them share space with me. In doing this I am sending them that quiet and calm energy that helps them to heal whatever may be bothering or hurting them but without trying to fix it. I call it sending them love and light. I am sure every reiki practioner has a specific definition that they use. However at the end of the day, we are sharing energy with that animal that is helping them with whatever they need. We aren’t fixing them. Sometimes when an animal is stressed they need someone to bring a calming energy that they can connect to since they are so intuitive to help them.

Here is an example of one of the dogs I worked with to explain.

One of my clients was a puppy. He was having a particularly bad day. Like all puppies, he was going through the teething process so he was in pain, had been in the crate which had been a challenge for him to like it. We went outside and he was just pulling like crazy on the leash to go anywhere. Getting his focus wasn’t happening. I tried his various chew toys to help with teething and he wasn’t interested, he just paced. So I sat down on the floor with him. I always like to sit on the floor with my animals, it makes me feel closer to them. I started to clear my mind and quieted the space between us, sending him love and light. Within 2 minutes, he was laying beside me, if not on my lap. He was relaxed and at peace for the rest of the visit. This is how I implement animal reiki and how I have seen it help animals.

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