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How can Animal Reiki help my pet?

Animal Reiki: Helping Your Pet Heal

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Some pet parents and even animal owners wonder “How can Animal Reiki help my pet?”. My answer: in a variety ways. Reiki isn’t just for humans but is also incredibly beneficial for animals, not just dogs or cats either. Practioners around the world will work with farm animals, reptiles, wildlife such as elephants and lions and more. I have spent time with many farms animals such as horses, pigs and donkeys.

Reiki has been proven to help animals with anxiety, stress, physical issues, emotional issues and mental issues. It is also helpful for dogs that are fearful, show signs of aggression or plain puppy craziness. This is why I offer it as part of my dog training. So that is also how Animal Reiki can help your pet.

It is often practiced with dogs and cats in shelters who are in stressful situations to help them, if they choose to accept it, through the time. Some veterinarians are now open to using it in there practice to help the animals who have anxiety when going to the vet’s office to make the visits go easier for the pet.

What is Animal Reiki ?

Animal Reiki is mindfulness meditation practiced WITH animals, not energy therapy done TO them. It is not about focusing on what is wrong with them or what needs to be fixed. Think about when you try to give them a pill and they fight you trying to take it. It is about sharing space with them and be with them with an open heart, peacefully and no expectations to fix something. Seeing the animal’s perfection at that moment rather than what is wrong. That is when they will be still with you and accept what they need at that moment to heal. 

How do you practice?

Unlike human reiki, Animal Reiki does not seek out touch with the animal. The practioner lets the animal make the choice to initiate touch for 2 reasons. Many animals don’t trust humans and aren’t ready to be touched. Also touch is not required for reiki with animals. 

Reiki with animals can be practiced sitting, standing or walking. Eyes can be open or shut. Although if you are near wild animals they should probably be open. Reiki healing can also be practiced long distance, in person or via zoom. It is about the intention, focus, connection and the space that you are holding. 

If you would like to learn more you can contact me or visit my Animal Reiki services for more information.





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