Dog Bite Prevention Week

The Prevention of Dog Bites

The second of April brings awareness to National Dog Bite Prevention Week. I have always been passionate about this subject because over 70% of dog bites are preventable. When understanding that these are preventable we can prevent so many unnecessary euthanization of dogs. This education can also prevent the fear of dogs that happens in kids and adults.

Why Does Allison Care so much about Dog Bite Prevention?

Other than that 70% of dog bites are preventable and why not prevent something, right? My own dog Mojo was in a home where the kids were not educated on how to be around dogs. So they would corner her, put their hands in her face and not act appropriately until one day she bit them. They didn’t listen to her signals that she gave, they weren’t taught how to interact and they pushed her to a point where she felt that she needed to defend herself by biting them. 

Is biting ok? No. However, the bites could have been prevented. Just because Mojo is a dog, does not mean she isn’t allowed her space and that her body language she is expressing that says back off I need space means any less. Dogs do give off signals that say I need space. Just like humans they need that. However, humans think that because they are animals that it doesn’t matter and we have the right to do whatever we want and they will not lash out. This is an incorrect assumption. The thought that they were fine with the 25 other times my kids rode their back doesn’t mean the 26th time will be different. Dogs aren’t horses. 

Mojo’s story ended with her having fear of young boys. She was almost put down becasue of the bite history but then I came and rescued her and we still have a lot of work to do. It took her almost 4 visits with my nieces to be comfortable with them. So kids are a trigger for her and it could have been avoided and who knows what issues those kids have if any. 

How Can You Help Prevent Dog Bites?

All of this week I will posting tips on my facebook on safety with both kids and adults for interaction with dogs to prevent dog bites. Here are some things to remember:

  • Remember that every dog is different, so what one dog may “tolerate”, another absolutely does not like. So with your children always supervise the interaction. Don’t let them ride them, treat them like a toy, pull their tails, ears, their jowels, put their hands in their mouths, kick them or inflict pain of any kind.
  • While kids love to run and scream and play. This is not something that dog will find fun or work to your benefit. The dogs may find this alarming, get overstimulated, chase them, and then it can go downhill. So if there is times that it will be happening with the kids. It is best that the dog be separated from the kids at this time. 

For more tips on biting and prevention, follow me on facebook or reach out to me via email for other resources. 





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