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Guide to Choosing a Holistic Dog Trainer with Positive Reinforcement

How to Choose a Holistic Dog Trainer for your Family

When it comes to choosing a holistic dog trainer with positive reinforcement, you want to know that you are working with someone who is knowledgeable and respectful of your pet’s needs.The choice of a trainer for your beloved pet can be one of the most important decisions you make as a pet parent. As a responsible pet guardian, it is important to make sure you pick someone who is qualified and experienced in giving the best care for your pet. 

The best way to find an experienced and ethical dog trainer is to research their credentials and techniques. A holistic dog trainer with positive reinforcement will use rewards, praise, and play to motivate your pup, while avoiding punishment or fear-based tactics. Using the holistic approach to dog training helps build a strong bond between you and your pup. This will leave them more capable and confident in their abilities.

It is also beneficial to look into the trainer’s background and experience to make sure they have the right qualifications and expertise. Look for a trainer who has a deep understanding of canine behaviour and is capable of teaching you how to establish a positive relationship between the two of you. With the right attitude, a holistic dog trainer with positive reinforcement could be the key to a successful and happy future for both you and your pet.

Benefits of Holistic Dog Training

Choosing a holistic dog trainer who emphasizes positive reinforcement provides many distinct benefits for both you and your pup. With holistic dog training, you and your pup can form a stronger bond that is based on trust and respect. Holistic dog training is a method used to help dogs become well-balanced through the use of positive reinforcement. As dog owners by using positive reinforcement, you’re teaching your pup that doing something right will result in a reward. With each success, your dog will gain confidence in their ability to understand and perform behaviors. This increased confidence also helps lead to better overall demeanor.

Being under the guidance of a trained holistic dog trainer can help you gain a better understanding of canine behavior. With an experienced holistic dog trainer, you can help ensure that your pup is being professionally trained to the highest standard possible. Finally, holistic dog training with positive reinforcement encourages healthy relationships between you and your pup. This type of training puts an emphasis on building trust and respect between you and your dog.

Questions to Ask a When Choosing a Holistic Dog Trainer

Choosing a holistic dog trainer for you and your family is key, so asking the right questions is important. The cost and your goals a holistic dog trainer offers you and your family is important. However, so is their qualifications. The dog training profession currently is not monitored and does not require dog trainers, to become certified or educated. Some just do it because they have dogs or have had dogs. With that being said, I believe knowledge is power, which is why I share what I have learned. In my experience,  just like any profession, keeping dog owners educated on the types of research that is happening to improve the quality of life and training methods is important.

So here are some things you can ask when you meet with them. If you feel comfortable with the answers the they are trainer for you.

  • What kind of education / schooling do you have to be a dog trainer? Does it follow Positive Reinforcement Force Free technique?
  • Are you certified with an organization?
  • Are you insured? (Every dog trainer should say yes to this)
  • What are the expectations for successful training? Consistenty in showing up for training sessions and consistenty in practicing the homework given. Consistenty, patience and timing are key in training. 

Setting Appropriate Expectations for Training

When choosing a holistic dog trainer with positive reinforcement, setting realistic and achievable goals is key. Getting the perfect dog is great but as humans we need to realize where they are right now. Also, what is realistic for them to achieve in a set time period and what is in your budget. You will discuss this in a consultation with your dog trainer.

Understanding that your dog’s training journey is going to vary from dog to dog is something your dog trainer will explain. No matter what breed, age, sex or situation, every dog is on their own training journey and you will be on that journey with them. With that being said there will be ups, downs and plateaus. Some dogs may pick one behavior up faster than another and others may have take a little bit longer on the training journey. Your trainer will guide you through this, help to build the bond and trust between you and your dog. They will also explain how you will see the successes and working at your dog’s level. That’s why you hired a holistic dog trainer, right? 


When choosing a holistic dog trainer with positive reinforcement, dog training can enjoyable and build confidence in human and dog. Your dog trainer is there to support you and your dog, your goals you set at the beginning of training and maintain a positive and calm training environment. You can find out more about dog training programs here or contact me for more information.

Happy training!



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