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Online Interactive Dog Training

Did you know that I offer Online Interactive Dog Training in addition to one on one In Person Dog training? Both are great and both are beneficial to you, your dog and your family. However, here are some reasons why online dog training is great for you and your family right now.

Here are just some of the Online Interactive Dog Training Benefits:

  1. Safety in YOUR home: COVID numbers are constantly changing, so to make sure you stay comfortable and still get the training you need zoom is the option I offer. While we all want to be with other people and interact face to face, the colder months can be challenging for colds, bacteria and well COVID. So being safe is on everyone’s mind.
  2. Family Participation: You and the entire family can be involved from the comfort of your home. You can even be in your pj’s, (or even have a glass of wine or special beverage) in hand. Group classes will only allow 1 person per family and if you want the whole family involved and be safe in your home, why not have the whole family involved?
  3. Keep the class for reference: Online Dog Training Classes are recorded. So while you are doing your homework for the next class you can refer to the zoom or google meet class recording for review for what was done to make sure you are doing it correctly.
  4. Does your dog have people issues?: It’s great for those dogs that have aggression issues or issues with strangers so to speak. While trainers are great with dogs, sometimes it may take a while to get them used to the trainer and take longer. If you are doing the class via virtually and interactive it may be easier for them to learn.

You can check out more about virtual online dog training on my website.  Now that people are starting to go back to work and kids are starting to go back to school. Dogs may have started developing jumping, barking, house training or other issues and now is the perfect time to address them.

– Allison



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