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Stop Dog Chasing Behavior

Stop dog chasing behavior using positive reinforcement techniques. You will have a calmer dog, doing alternate behaviors and YOU will be happier.

Stop your dog's chasing behavior and let go of the frustration

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Dogs and cats living in harmony

Have you been trying to stop dog chasing behavior to no avail? Do you want to live in a peaceful environment without having to worry about your dog’s impulse control issues? Is your dog chasing:

  • Household animals such as cats, dogs or guinea pigs
  • Farms animals such as chickens, goats or horses
  • Moving objects such as cars, bicycles, or skateboards
  • Runners
  • So much more

Chasing is a normal behavior for dogs. In play they like to be chased and then they will do the chasing. There are some dogs that will chase more than others and sometimes the “leave it” command just isn’t going to apply. So how can you help stop dog chasing behavior in your household?

Using postive reinforcement techniques, I will show you and your dog can self-control when faced exciting chase opportunities.

You can still stop dog chasing behavior in your home. In my UnChase! training program your dog will learn to self-regulate by choosing alternative behaviours to chasing. This program replaces frustration and worry with harmony, confidence and peace of mind.

If you are having an issue with your dog chasing in your household, set up a chase behavior consultation today. If you have more questions feel free to contact me.





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