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Good Afternoon.

I hope you are doing well. I have a couple of special announcements to help you during this social distancing time.

25% off Dog Walk Visits

As a thank you to those that have been working so hard to keep us safe and healthy, for the month of April and May,I am offering 25% of all dog walking visits and dog walking packages. I hope this will help to put their mind at ease that at least their fur family will be getting some TLC while they are working hard.

Paw Talk - Dog Training Facebook Group

I have created a new facebook group specifically dedicated to dog training. I am excited about this new group to help with dog training questions / discussions, virtual dog training sessions via Zoom and facebook lives. To join the group go to

Free Long Distance Animal Reiki Sessions

During this time, people are feeling stressed which passes down to animals. I am offering free long distance animal reiki sessions for your pets. This will not only help your pets but also help you.

Energy and Animals

When working with animals, the energy that is brought in to the situation is one of the most important tools any person can understand and utilize. In my career in working with animals, from pet sitting & dog walking to animal reiki to now dog training and fostering and owning my own dogs, paying attention to your energy is valuable and essential. Animals are extremely intuitive on energy and human movements. They watch everything. How you act or react will determine which the situation goes.

Practicing healing Animal Reiki at Cotton Branch farm and one of the donkey's joined me during the healing session. This is what happens during Animal Reiki, if an animal welcomes it they usually come closer to be with you.

I have come to realize the working with animals is my soul's purpose or my gift as a healer with animals. Everyone calls it something different. Using my hands and energy as a healer is my gift. Does this mean when I walk into a home the dog or cat is done with their issue? ABSOLUTELY NOT. This means that I have learned how to walk into a home, an animal has a positive reaction most of the time. Sometimes it takes more depending on their issue and with patience, love, compassion, calm energy and things can be accomplished together.

Olly is a dog I took care of who was incredibly skittish of strangers, barked a lot. His owner was nervous to have people over. Towards the end he was a lovebug, always a love bug with me.

When I go into a home or even a visit with animal, my energy is calm. Not intentionally, it just is. I think that we get so caught up in the hustle and bustle and in such a rush that we are going full speed ahead that our energy with our animals is in a different place. We don't do it intentionally, I have been guilty of this we all are but it is how you carry this energy. If you are walking your dog and you see another dog and you unconsciously put tension on that leash. Your dog will pick up on that. Or if you getting ready for people to come over and you know your dog is a jumper or barker and you were calm but in waiting for your guests your energy changes to uptight and stressed out just waiting for that shoe to drop.

Sometimes all it takes is slowing down, being more conscious of our energy when we are training them to make sure everything goes smoother.


Dog Play with Humans

Playtime between humans and dogs happens everyday, all the time. It is not an uncommon occurrence and great for the bond between dog and pet parent. It is great for mental stimulation, bite inhibition and exercise for both owner and dog. Benefits can go on. Dog play with humans is not a problem but it is more a discussion of what kind of dog play, monitoring and controlling the situation that has run into problems.

For example, lets discuss rough housing between a human and dog. While both love it, the problems that it can lead to such as biting or temper and why children tend to get bit more. What some owners don't realize is that dogs as a species communicate when other dogs on a discipline size by biting the muzzle. So if they are rough housing with a child and the child gets a little to rough with the dog and the dog doesn't like, the dog is more apt to bite the child in the face as disciplinary action. Not because they are vicious animals and hate children but that is the way that they communicate with their own species. Rough housing is a longer discussion but this is just an example on the differences and misunderstandings that some people don't remember or don't even know.

Another discussion that has come up is that the game Tug of War (tug that will it will be referred to) increases agressiveness in the dog. If Tug is played correctly, with rules, it will help to burn the predatory energy and exercise for both the dog and owner. Rules are the most key part of playing Tug as this establishes control on your end over the dog. With the rules you are teaching your dog to control their jaw, obedience by making it fun for both, mental stimulation, energy burner so that it prevents boredom.

Brief synopsis of Tug Rules:

  1. Dog Out/Release Command: The command that you give when your want him to release the toy, there is a time out for them or you are ending the game.
  2. Designated Object AND Initiation Take of Game: You must have 1 specific toy/object for Tug, not multiples AND have a command that will begin the game. He will only associate that command with the toy and the game, therefore avoiding accidentally starting the game with some toy if you say the word or if you just pick up the toy and thinking you are playing.
  3. No uninvited takes or re-takes: dog can not grab the toy before the initiation command or else face a timeout or after multiple re-takes possible game ending. This teaches him to follow rules.
  4. Frequent Obedience Breaks: implementing obedience in to tug is great because he will be more apt to do obedience so that you go back to the game. The more that you do this with tug, he/she will just think of obedience as part of tug as it will all be meshed together. Classic Conditioning (associating one action with another).
  5. Jaw Control: Any kind of nip - accidental or not is game ending. Zero Tolerance. This is to teach them Bite Inhibition. Dogs have amazing jaw control, it can be done. If they nip you in anyway, yell "OUCH!" and end game immediately,

If you would like more specifics on the rules for tug and hot to implement them in a successful manner please feel free to contact me!


*Tug rules courtesy of The San Francisco SPCA Behavior and Training Department.

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